Monitor and treat the overall calcification system, not just its single determinants!


Availability of the Calcification Blood Test

The following clinical laboratories measure the Calcification Blood Test in you patient's blood sample: 


  • Zentrallabor of University Hospital Bern, Inselspital (order form)
  • Labor Risch (website)

Further countries and laboratories are in preparation. 

Handling of blood samples

Blood tubes: use standard serum (not plasma!) blood tubes, gel-containing, 5 mL

Preanalytics: clotting and centrifugation according to manufacturers' instructions (commonly 30 min clotting in upright position, centrifugation 2500xG, 10 min at room temperature, or alike).

Shipment: at ambient temperature (4-37°C) for under 24 hours, in a padded envelope, ideally by courier over night, at 4°C (2-8°C) if longer than 24 hours.

For further information please contact

+41 32 530 88 60